Scale Modelling Now

Another client obtained via recommendation, this brief was to create an online subscription magazine to showcase reviews for all types of military scale models. Initially an eye-catching logo was required and one that could become the main header of the website. The three main military areas (aircraft, armour and maritime) were highlighted by the use of drawings and these were then used throughout the site to define the individual areas.

The site was launched in 2009 and has grown into 100s of pages and 1000s of images. This enormous, and growing, amount of content has resulted in employing various dynamic elements to showcase the relevant content in as user-friendly a way as possible - image galleries, accordion-panel styling for example.

Most of the content is held within the password-protected subscribers area of the Magazine and a fully automated subscription system was set up.

Built using the WordPress Content Management System the site is heavily maintained by myself and the client with new content being input daily.